Established Tree Service in the Birmingham Area

Price: $1,420,000

Location: Birmingham, AL

Listing ID: 1-38

Listing Status:


This company is a great investment for someone looking for a service company with job security. Trees are beautiful and very much a part of Birmingham’s beauty in the residential areas, but they’re also hazardous when combined with rough weather or even just old age.
Trees can be a serious threat to houses and the people living in them, so a reliable tree service is both an emergency service and necessity, depending on the situation. Similar to plumbing or HVAC companies, tree services have built in job security simply because consumers CANNOT avoid calling them after rough weather or a diseased tree dies.
Furthermore, this company is already well established in the Birmingham area with a great reputation. Being a tree service, it does need a skilled owner who knows how to work the equipment and how to safely handle cutting down trees or root grinding. However, it is an incredibly profitable company with great equipment and a good amount of job security.


Total Sales: $775,000

Cash Flow: $309,000

FFE: $765,000

Inventory: N/A

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Gene Townley

Gene Townley