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The undersigned hereby request confidential information, currently and from this time forward, on the businesses and property (Business) represented by TNT Business Brokers (TNT) as a TRANSACTION BROKER. I/We hereby acknowledge that TNT first provided such information to me. In consideration of TNT having provided such information, I/We hereby agree, for a period or two years from this date:

  1. Not to divulge knowledge of the disclosed Business being for sale, nor provide any information to others, except those specifically involved in the transaction itself, and to secure professional advice and counsel, and
  2. To conduct ALL further dealings, negotiations or inquiries into the Business listed below exclusively through this office of TNT, and will not contact the business owners, employees, agents, customers, competitors, suppliers or landlord except through TNT, and
  3. That all information provided is sensitive and confidential, and that the use of or the disclosure to others may be harmful to the Business, the owners (Seller) and to TNT, and I/We further agree that I/We will not use any of the confidential information pertaining to the business shown to go into competition with the business, to participate in a similar business or to start a similar business, or to use the information in such a manner that harm will be caused to the Seller or the Business, and
  4. Not to circumvent or interfere with TNT's rights and contract with the Seller in any way, and

I/We further acknowledge that TNT is acting as a TRANSACTION BROKER. A Transaction Broker is an intermediary, facilitating a brokerage transaction between a Buyer and Seller without representing either party as an Agent. A Transaction Broker shall not represent the interest of one party to the exclusion or detriment of the interest of the other party. A Transaction Broker is required to treat the Buyer and Seller with honesty and fairness, and shall disclose all known facts materially affecting the transaction.

I/We further acknowledge that all information and materials provided are supplied by the Seller, and are not verified in any way by TNT. The Seller has represented the information to be true; however accuracy is not guaranteed and all such information should not be considered complete. While statements may be presented concerning a matter of opinion, whether or not so identified, these are only statements of opinion. TNT makes no representations or warranties, expressed of implied, regarding the information provided you.  If legal, accounting or tax advice is desired, consult with the appropriate professionals.

I/We further acknowledge that TNT and/or the Seller and its owners shall have a right of action directly against “us” for any and all remedies provided by law in event of breach of our obligations under items 1, 2, 3 or 4 above.

I/We further acknowledge that all fees due TNT are, and will be, the responsibility of the Seller unless, I/we circumvent or interfere with TNT's contract with the Seller in any way at which time, I/We assume Seller’s obligation for fees due TNT.

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Thanks for your interest.  We look forward to working with you to find the right business.

Date: June 13, 2024

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