Medical Spa with Subscription Service Needs a New Owner

Price: $140,000

Location: Elmhurst, IL

Industry: Spas

Listing ID: 1-105

Listing Status: New


The med spa is a great choice for any one looking to jump into the skin care service industry.
It has all of the equipment needed to deliver quality care, and most of its clients are long-term women who've been going to the spa for the better part of a decade.
It even has a subscription service set up, ensuring a steady stream of revenue each month.
Furthermore, it has room to grow, with extra space for more patient treatment rooms, or for the new owner to bring in new services.

The potential for growth with this opportunity perfect for a new owner looking to grow the revenue.


Total Sales: $106,000

Cash Flow: $44,000

FFE: $42,000

Inventory: $4,000

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Gene Townley

Gene Townley