SBA Approved Fantastic To-Go Only Restaurant

Price: $549,000

Location: Charlotte, NC

Listing ID: 1-88

Listing Status: New


Ready for something fresh?
This restaurant's unique concept is a breath of fresh air in the fast paced restaurant industry. It serves high-quality meals but is a to-go only restaurant.

Instead of dealing with dine-in seating and the hassles of the waitstaff, this restaurant has cut out the most stressful part of the business- no seating or waiters needed!

And while at first, the benefits may not seem apparent, this concept is definitely a plus side to this business. Without seating, customers can walk in and walk out quickly, allowing the restaurant to serve more people in less time.

It also becomes super convenient for people with 9-5 jobs to come in, grab dinner, and drive home to their families. And, being good quality food, parents don't need to worry about their kid eating the junky, unhealthy food a fast food restaurant would offer. Instead, this company brings in the good eating of a dine-in restaurant and pairs it with the convenience and speed of the fast food experience.

It helps with staff turnover too with most of the staff having been there for several years. Not having to deal with the fast paced meal rushes of a normal restaurant means that employees are less stressed and more likely to stay on. It also doesn't need as much staff as a normal restaurant since there's no dining area.

Truly, there's no better option for someone looking to jump into the restaurant industry but avoid the high stress of it.


Total Sales: $785,000

Cash Flow: $180,000

FFE: $60,000

Inventory: $10,000

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Gene Townley

Gene Townley