High Quality Snack Shop on a Busy Road PRICE REDUCED 4 QUICK SALE

Price: $145,000

Location: Quincy, IL

Industry: Restaurant and Food

Listing ID: 1-40

Listing Status:


This specialty snacks store is perfect for someone looking to break into a fun and creative corner of the food or retail industry. Not only is it already established with a local Ma and Pop store feel, but it’s easy to run and already equipped with all the staff needed to do so.
The store’s main snack is crafted in-house with the company’s special recipes. Due to making it in-house, the store is able to offer seasonal flavors and treats for every occasion. This store receives a lot of walk-in purchases and also participates in catering at local events. However, it also has a steady supply of bulk orders from other businesses that makes up a large portion of the revenue.
Currently, the company doesn’t advertise beyond social media and showing up to events and festivals. However, all this means is that any marketing a new owner does is going to be reaching new potential customers. An online purchase option being added to the website would be a big boost to sales and allow for the snack shop to increase its range. Beyond that, the company could work on increasing its B2B sales for a more reliable, passive source of sales.
As the current owners are not tech savvy, they’ve decided to leave any improvements up to a new owner. The current owners originally bought the company in order to have a tax write-off that year. Now, a few years later, they’ve grown this business’s revenue to about four times the original company’s revenue and are ready to sell it to a new owner. The current owners are selling in order to free up more personal time to spend with their family now that they’ve grown this snack shop to its current size.
The owners are willing to actively assist a new owner in the transition as they want a new owner to succeed and grow the company further.


Total Sales: $148,000

Cash Flow: $50,000

FFE: $25,000

Inventory: $17,000

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Gene Townley

Gene Townley